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Harnessing foundational models for enhanced image creation and search using Amazon Bedrock

Visual content creation is growing in popularity among organizations of all sizes as it enables them to build stronger customer engagement and driving sales. But there are ensuing challenges in effectively managing, searching, and utilizing this vast array of images across various domains. In this session, we discuss the latest advancements in AI-driven image generation and search technologies, with focus on Foundational Models (FMs) on Amazon Bedrock. We explore the ease of integrating, customizing these models as well as underlining the significance of data privacy and security. The session includes a discussion about responsible AI, and approaches to ensure these powerful tools can prevent the generation of harmful or biased content. We also demonstrate how you can build transformational experiences using images in Amazon Bedrock, enabling you to efficiently scale your workflow while conserving valuable time and resources. Download slide »

Speaker: Suman Debnath, Principal Developer Advocate, Data, AWS