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Bringing the LLM closer to your SQL databases via Agents for Amazon Bedrock

Organizations today still struggle trying to get tangible and measurable value from data. One of the key reasons is because the data are in different formats and structures, and spread out across data warehouses, cloud databases and other systems. Working on data sets to get insights by leveraging multiple solutions in different layers across databases and APIs add further complexity. In this session, we showcase how to access, analyze diverse data sets and generate insights from structured databases. We demonstrate the use of generative AI, analytics and serverless compute to unlock natural language capabilities, enabling new ways to communicate with your existing systems. Discover how to apply to data sources across multiple locations using the same machine learning model without the need to change the computer language in use. We also explain how this simple, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing model provides you and your stakeholders across the organization the ability to access, analyze the diverse data assets to deliver value from your organizational data, without requiring deep technical skillset and resources. Download slide »

Sam Gordon, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services
Ed Fraga, Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services