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Build generative AI applications with no code/low code solutions on AWS

In this session, find out how to build an application using natural language with a conversational chat interface to perform tasks such as creating narratives, reports, answering questions, summarizing notes, and providing explanations, without writing a single line of code. We start with demonstrating how to create your own generative AI-based application without writing any code using PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground. Learn the techniques and capabilities needed to take full advantage of generative AI, including experimenting with various foundation models, building intuition with text-based prompting, and chaining prompts together. We then dive into how you can build and disseminate information to your users quickly, ensuring this information stays entirely within your environment. We also showcase the steps to assemble reports from tabular data in excel or CSV format. This session concludes with guidance on how to easily build, test, compare model outputs and share the findings with relevant teams.
Speaker: Priya Jathar, Solutions Architect, AWS India