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Codenator Enhancing user productivity through AI-powered code generation and secure execution

Do you wish to have an automated approach to manage code generation and execution? Join this session as we demonstrate how to build executable code effortlessly, speed up development processes and enhance your productivity. Understand how this solution, which is built with multiple modular, reusable and scalable components provide you with the ability to use some of its components for other Generative AI projects. Find out how this secure and isolated sandbox environment ensures the safe execution of code, protecting sensitive data and maintaining system integrity. We also explain the interactive nature of the system which facilitates continuous improvement of code solutions through user feedback, so you can optimize and refine the coding process to meet changing user needs and preferences. This session also covers other advanced tools that you can use to seamlessly integrate with AWS resources, automating the execution of operational actions and efficiently enhancing the manageability of your cloud resources.
Melanie Li, PhD, Senior AI/ML Specialist Technical Account Manager, AWS
Sam Edwards, Cloud Support Engineer, AWS