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Select the right large language model for your generative AI use case

There are a large number of large language models (LLMs) out there and choosing the right one is critical because of the high cost associated with deploying generative AI models. Join this session as we explain the tools and considerations when evaluating LLMs. We share how to evaluate LLMs for tasks where the output is fact-based and when the output is creative by nature. With thousands of text generation models out there to choose from and endless prompt engineering possibilities to use them with, learn how you can quickly and reliably identify the best price-performance solution for your use case. Find out how to build a complete picture of model and prompt-template performance on AWS. We showcase how to use automated tools that work alongside human labelers to create scalable but accurate evaluations, enabling you to build high-quality solutions faster and deploy with confidence. Download slide »
Speaker: Alex Thewsey, Senior AI/ML Solutions Architect, AWS