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Build a generative AI-powered content moderation solution on AWS

Content moderation is serious business today as organizations who have the right strategy in place can ensure a safe, compliant and inclusive online environment for their customers, ultimately protecting brand reputation and improve user experience. This session outlines how to use generative AI-based content moderation with Amazon SageMaker. We share how multimodality BLIP-2's model and the Llama2 model are used to improve content moderation performance. Understand how BLIP-2's capabilities in content appropriateness offers better performance especially in policy adaptation efficiency. We discuss ways to achieve high degree of moderation accuracy in a mixed media environment, with broader applications in various domains. The session also covers how to apply these capabilities in the advanced multi-modal models in your content moderation strategy, enabling your organization to maintain a safe digital environment for your customers. Download slide »

Speaker: Melanie Li, PhD, Senior AI/ML Specialist Technical Account Manager, AWS