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Using generative AI responsibly and securely on AWS

Generative AI presents significant opportunities for organizations across multiple industries and it can be a force for good, in areas such as biomedical research and sustainable materials design. But it is important to build generative AI responsibly, securely, and achieve the right balance between innovation and safety. In this session we discuss the key considerations on how to use generative AI responsibly, including fairness, explainability, robustness, privacy, security, governance, and transparency. We dive deep into the operational security features of key AI/ML solutions such as Amazon Bedrock, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. Understand how these solutions provide you with built-in security, privacy, encryption, access control, and compliance, making it easier for you and your organization to build generative AI responsibly into your workflows while maintaining security, as well as adhering to the risk and compliance regulations. Download slide »

Speaker: Michael Stringer, Principal Security Solutions Architect, AWS