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Smart traffic management

Have you ever been stuck at a traffic light even though there are no vehicles coming from the other direction? Do you wish to avoid traffic congestion and get to the destination quickly? In this session, we demonstrate how to build a smart traffic management solution, powered by machine learning at the edge with Amazon SageMaker and AWS IoT. Discover how the solution enables you to automatically observe traffic patterns, vehicle loads on the road and control the lights so that cars move across quickly and reduce traffic congestion. Uncover how it can automatically identify emergency vehicles, including ambulances and police cars, as well as control the traffic lights to enable these vehicles to move to the destinations in the shortest possible time. We also showcase how this solution can manage the traffic flow by automatically tracking accidents, vehicle failures or other incidents that result in road blockage. The session concludes with guidance on how to develop an analytics dashboard for real-time traffic insights.
Chandra Munibudha, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS India
Satheesh Kumar, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS India