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Build a generative AI-powered chatbot with Amazon Bedrock, Langchain, RAG and Streamlit

Many organizations are looking at using generative AI to build chatbot applications for business outcomes; including answering FAQs, scheduling, enhancing customer experiences through intuitive engagements and more. Join this session to uncover the key building blocks for a chatbot application powered by LLMs. We demonstrate how you can build chatbots using Amazon Bedrock APIs, Langchain, Streamlit, RAG and interact with high-performing foundation models such as Jurassic-2, Claude, Stable Diffusion, Command, and Amazon Titan. Understand how Amazon Bedrock’s new features such as knowledge bases and agents enable you to complete complex tasks for a wide range of use cases. We conclude by outlining the various tools you can use to build the chatbot best suited for your digital journey and business requirements.

Speaker: Aman Sharma, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS