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Spark up your Apache Spark workloads with Amazon EMR, EKS, and Amazon FSx for Lustre

Builders are using Spark on Kubernetes to run big data and machine learning (ML) workloads for easier management and flexible deployments. Join this session as we dive deep into Amazon EMR on EKS, to run your Apache Spark workloads on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Understand how this deployment option enables you to focus on running analytics workloads while Amazon EMR on EKS builds, configures, and manages containers for open-source applications. We demonstrate how to run performance-optimized runtime for Apache Spark for faster workload execution and reduced running costs. Learn how this option offers you robust support for multi-tenancy, enhanced security and plethora of options for building a unified observability solution. We also showcase how to efficiently operate batch and streaming workloads with EMR on EKS and FSx for Lustre to perform data-intensive operations quickly and efficiently. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 »

Vivekanand Tiwari, Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services
Haofei Feng, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services