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Data-Driven Everything - From vision to value

While data is abundant and growing rapidly, just producing or storing a lot of it does not automatically create value. Value is realized by creating a data-driven culture that leverages data to invent on behalf of customers using AI-ML, analytics, and actionable insights. However cultural challenges, outdated governance models, organizational silos, and legacy execution approaches stand in the way of realizing this vision. In this session, find out how Amazon's Data Driven Everything (D2E) program enables your organization to address these challenges. The D2E program includes components of mindset, people, processes, and technology to align business and technology leadership, create a compelling vision, enable your organization to deliver value through use cases, increase agility, enhance customer experiences, and enable sustained success. The session also includes customer case study of PVcomBank on their data transformation journey, with a focus on setting up the right skillset and architecture, as well as getting the business and IT to work together to realize their strategic goals of developing new and innovative financial products and services for their customers. Download slides »

Speaker: Rohit Dhawan, Head of Data Strategy, AWS