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Build an intelligent enterprise data platform

Organizations are looking to connect customer data across all touchpoints of customer journey to better understand their requirements and offer hyper personalized experiences. To realize the goals of hyper personalization, it is essential to build enterprise grade modern and intelligent data platforms that empower all users in the organization without compromising security, data governance and compliance requirements. Join this session to learn about DBS Bank’s (DBS) modern data platform “Advancing DBS through AI” (ADA). Find out how ADA empowers data analysts, scientists, and employees across the bank with tooling, framework, and democratized access to bank-wide data with a robust governance framework for data management, data discoverability, and data security. As a native hybrid-cloud platform, ADA provides industrialized configuration and management of AWS services including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EMR, AWS DataSync, Amazon EC2 and other AWS AI/ML services, which allows them on-demand access to secure data movement and project lifecycle management. We also share the vision on how to enable DBS’s ADA platform at scale. Get insights on how DBS managed the challenges such as data security, provisioning, and platform management and achieved the results that had a positive impact within the DBS community. Download slides »

Unni Pillai, Head of Technology, FSI, AWS
Matthew Worthy, Executive Director, DataFirst, Data Security Product Owner, DBS Bank