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Accelerate business value from data with VMware Cloud on AWS and analytics

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to dismantle data barriers, integrate intelligence from diverse systems and resources, to get value from their data. This session focuses on how to integrate VMware Cloud on AWS with AWS analytics, making it easier to use services to draw meaningful insights from business data. Get insights on how to move existing on-premise applications and databases seamlessly to AWS by leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS, the hybrid cloud service that allows organizations to transition rapidly and seamlessly to the cloud. Once your applications and database are located in AWS, we showcase how to integrate with other AWS solutions to accelerate insights from your data. The session includes a demo on how AWS Lake Formation simplifies the building, managing, securing, and sharing of your data lakes. We also cover how to unveil crucial insights, distribute intelligence across your organization, and publish interactive dashboards with Amazon QuickSight. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 »

Speaker: Greg Vinton, Specialist Solutions Architect, VMware Cloud on AWS