Opening: Innovate faster Reinvent your organization with data and machine learning (Level 100)

Data is at the center of every application, process, and business decision and the foundation to delivering greater value. Organizations who are successful in extracting insights from their data are able to deliver accurate predictions, reduce operational overheads, invent more compelling customer experiences, and uncover new opportunities. In this session, uncover how technologies like machine learning and analytics can unlock opportunities that were either too difficult or impossible to do before, enabling organizations with data-driven insights to solve business challenges, accelerate innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. Download slides »
Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, ASEAN, AWS
Kris Howard, Head of Developer Relations, APJ, AWS

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Closing: Accelerate rapid innovation with data and AIML (Level 200)
Closing: Accelerate rapid innovation with data and AIML (Level 200)

The most common value organizations are hoping to get from their data is smarter decision-making to create ...