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Improving productivity - Harness the power of generative AI foundation models on Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Machine learning can enable organizations of various industries and sizes to solve business challenges and achieve better outcomes. However, many are struggling to implement ML effectively throughout the organization, beyond their technical users. Join this session to discover how to use Amazon SageMaker Canvas to complete the ML lifecycle — from preparing data and creating models to generating predictions — without writing a single line of code. Learn how both technical and non-technical users in your organization can utilize ready-to-use models or create your own to gain insights from your data and ML models with Amazon SageMaker Canvas. We will explain how to access open-source and Amazon LLMs on Amazon SageMaker Canvas through a single interface, and provide guidance on how to simply prompt the models for assistance with tasks such as generating content, summarizing, categorizing documents, and answering questions with just a few clicks. The session also covers how to ask specific questions targeting your dataset and obtain answers to enhance your productivity, all without the need for an ML skillset.

Speaker: Sahil Verma, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS India