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Combat account takeover fraud with AWS (Level 300)

Every year, many user accounts are compromised by different techniques such as credential stuffing, phishing, and social engineering, leading to account takeover (ATO) fraud. Apart from financial losses, ATO fraud has effects on customer experience, brand loyalty, and reputation. In this session, we explain how AWS Web Application Firewall enables you to proactively stop account takeover attempts at the network edge, prevent unauthorized access that may lead to fraudulent activities, and notify users in advance to take preventive action. We also showcase how to use additional ways to protect your application with machine learning using Amazon Fraud Detector, a fully managed service that enables you to build, deploy, and manage custom fraud detection ML models quickly without previous ML experience. Download slides »
Julian Ju, Senior Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
Ram Cholan, Senior Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Duration: 30mins