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Accelerate your ML value creation from months to actually hours with no-code/low-code ML tools (Level 200)

The ability to build systems to get insights such as sales forecasting, fraud detection, and demand forecasting is increasingly important for organizations dealing with data on a daily basis. Having this ability enables organizations to move faster by automating slow processes and embedding intelligence into their systems. Many users want to build and use prediction systems based on the data that they analyze and process every day, without having to learn about hundreds of algorithms, training parameters, evaluation metrics, and deployment best practices. This session covers how to use AWS no code/low code tools to run the common ML use cases; use a visual interface and start getting real value from their data quickly without writing a single piece of code or have any ML expertise. Download slides »
Speaker: Aman Sharma, Senior Solutions Architect, SMB APJ, AWS
Duration: 30mins