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Accelerate generative AI and AIML workloads with AWS storage

Organizations looking at using pre-built AI models or building your own model need a well-thought-out data strategy focusing on how they effectively store, prepare, and access their data throughout the AI/ML lifecycle. And in this AL/ML lifecycle which includes preparation, building, training and deployment, selecting the right storage solution makes a huge difference, as it can bring significant benefits to builders and model consumers. In this session, we outline the different generative AI and AI/ML workload requirements. We then discuss key considerations on how to select the right storage solution for the different workloads and requirements. Uncover the AWS storage solutions available to support the different workload requirements. This session also features best practices on how to leverage the different AWS storage solutions to achieve high performance, availability, security, productivity, cost effectiveness, and time to value.
Speaker: Sandeep Aggarwal, Solutions Architect, Storage, AWS India