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Unlock the value of third-party data with AWS Data Exchange

The ability to transform the ‘currency’ of data in all its various forms into actionable insights is critical in a rapidly changing digital world. In this session, we cover how AWS Data Exchange (ADX) makes it easy to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. With ADX, you can streamline all third-party data consumption, from existing subscriptions—which you can migrate at no additional cost to you or the provider—to future data subscriptions, all in one place. ADX enables you to easily download a data set or copy it to Amazon S3 and analyze it with a wide variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services. Learn how to create data products and make them available to millions of AWS customers via AWS Marketplace, and eliminate the need to build, maintain data delivery, licensing, or billing infrastructure.
Speaker: Fred Groen, Analytics Sales Leader, AWS

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