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Monitor, operate, and troubleshoot enterprise resources with AWS Chatbot

Many organizations have disparate enterprise tools and platforms which often do not integrate with each other. This makes data analysis, sharing and collaboration analysis difficult and time consuming. In this session, discover how to build AWS Chatbots, an interactive agent to set up ChatOps for AWS resources. With AWS Chatbot, you can now communicate and collaborate IT operational tasks with your preferred collaboration tools. We cover how to centralize the management of infrastructure and applications, as well as to automate and streamline your workflows. Gain insights how to create an interactive and collaborative experience, as users query and communicate at real time through the chat interface. The session also includes a demo on how to receive alerts and run commands to return diagnostic information, and create support cases, so you can collaborate and respond to events faster, without context switching to other AWS tools. Download slides »

Speaker: Vikas Awasthi, Principal Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services