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BZ - Real-time analytics at the edge and in the cloud

Machine failures can cause an adverse impact on the operational efficiency of plants and factories, but identification of critical failures and examining physical parameters pose a challenge. To improve the fault detection process, it is crucial to monitor production systems and collect performance data in real-time. In this session, we discuss and demonstrate various options available to securely connect and collect equipment data to gain real-time insights at the edge and in the cloud using AWS IoT suite of services and Analytical services. In addition, we demo a use case where data from multiple equipment are collected and critical parameters are monitored in real time at the edge. Furthermore, we showcase a centralized dashboard with consolidated data from multiple sites.

AWS services: AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Greengrass, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon Timestream

Santhosh Urukonda, Prototyping Architect, AISPL
Sakthi Srinivasan, Prototyping Manager, AISPL
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