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Building high performance applications at any scale with Amazon DynamoDB

NoSQL databases are purpose-built for specific data models and optimized for modern applications like mobile, web, and gaming applications that require scalability, low latency, and flexibility. Join this session to learn how Amazon DynamoDB offers an enterprise-ready database that helps you deliver apps with consistent single-digit millisecond performance and nearly unlimited throughput and storage. We dive deep into the features of DynamoDB, indexes, how to scale easily and its cost components. We also demonstrate how to use NoSQL Workbench to design data model for a highly scalable multi player online gaming application that can deliver consistent single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. Find out how you can easily monitor DynamoDB workloads at scale to observe key metrics such as latency, read and write requests per second, hot partitions, throttling and errors. Download slides », Download demo »

Speaker: Vaibhav Bhardwaj, Senior DynamoDB Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS