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Achieve faster time to value by unifying data silos with Amazon Redshift

Data that you need for insights is not just growing in volume, but also getting more diverse (log data, click stream, voice, video). It often sits in various data silos, even third-party organizations. Users across departments, organizations, and regions are expected to work on transactionally consistent data; however, the process of transforming the data across these silos is fraught with issues like data duplication and loss, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and delays as data moves and network bottlenecks. This session covers how Amazon Redshift, a fully managed cloud data warehouse service breaks through data silos and enables data sharing across regions and accounts. Learn the common data integration patterns for Amazon Redshift that leverages its native integration with a wide range of services. The session also demonstrates data sharing capabilities and how to share and access live data in a secure way without data movement or data copying. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 »

Speaker: Paul Villena, Redshift Solutions Architect, AWS