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Cloud cost optimization fundamentals

Maximize efficiency with Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate for container-based workloads, reducing operational overheads and leveraging AWS Graviton for cost-effective scaling and deployment.

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Cloud cost optimization fundamentals
Builders are constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency by consolidating and maximizing resource utilization to deploy and scale applications. In this session, understand how to use Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and AWS Fargate - a powerful, cloud native service to create container-based workloads in a matter of minutes without managing the underlying infrastructure. We cover how you can reduce operational overheads from the control plane with Amazon ECS. We then explain the use of containers for bin-packing workloads, outline the various efficient scaling techniques, cost savings plans, blueprints, and how to leverage AWS Graviton to maximize business value while reducing costs.

Speakers: Nick Yu, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services