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Getting started with AWS Startup Programs (Level 100)

Getting started with AWS Startup Programs (Level 100)
The AWS Activate program is designed for startups and early-stage entrepreneurs, offering the resources needed to kickstart their journey on AWS. As a startup, building a minimum viable product (MVP) is a critical step, but it's also an unusual process. Unlike a prototype, MVPs prioritize the necessary features so that you can get to market quickly and then add additional features as you scale. In this session, we'll provide a quick glimpse of the tools including Amazon CodeWhisperer and methodologies available for building your MVP on AWS. From cloud infrastructure to developer tools and services, AWS provides a comprehensive suite of resources to help you bring your MVP to market quickly and efficiently.

Speakers: Nicha Suebwonglee, Venture Capital Business Development Manager, AWS
Zahra Zahid, ASEAN Startup Solutions Architect Senior Manager, AWS