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Moving data to AWS - Find the right tool and process (Level 200)

Moving data to AWS - Find the right tool and process (Level 200)
Finding the right approach of moving data workloads to the cloud can be daunting, but it is critical to ensure organizations can quickly reap the benefits such as increased agility, flexibility, and develop the ability to innovate faster. In this session, we walk you through how to select the right tools, protocols and mechanisms available to move your data efficiently and securely to AWS. We showcase the use of online and offline data transfer methods including AWS DataSync and the AWS Snow Family to accelerate moving your data, from on-prem, edge, and other environments to AWS. The session explores practical use cases, guidance on how to select the suitable methods for your requirements. The session concludes with a demo on how to use AWS DataSync and AWS Snow together.

Speakers: Lily Jang, Storage Business Development Manager, AWS
Ameen Khan, Storage Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS