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Building your first serverless SaaS application

Discover how serverless technologies enhance modern SaaS applications, align infrastructure costs with system activity, and explore the Serverless SaaS reference architecture by AWS SaaS Factory.

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Building your first serverless SaaS applications
Modern SaaS applications are increasingly reliant on serverless technologies. Serverless aligns naturally to the SaaS value proposition, enabling teams to better align their infrastructure costs with the activity of their system’s tenants. This session will look at how and where serverless constructs can be applied within your SaaS architecture, highlighting the natural fit between the needs of multi-tenant environments and operational/agility goals of SaaS organizations. As part of this, we’ll look at the Serverless SaaS reference architecture, an open source implementation using AWS serverless services built by the AWS SaaS Factory that can be used to build your SaaS business, spanning compute, storage, messaging, and other infrastructure components.

Speakers: Zp Bappi, Senior Partner Solutions Architect | SaaS Factory, AWS