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Observability for Builders

Implement effective observability in applications: Gain insights into application behavior for early defect identification using AWS Lambda Powertools for Java to perform a variety of applications.

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Observability for builders
Observability is a practice that provides builders and developers with better insights into application behavior, enabling earlier identification, and rectification of application defects. In this session, we outline the steps to effective implementation of observability for modern applications. We then walk through how to enhance your application observability. Discover the tools and resources so you are empowered to rapidly identify, diagnose, and remediate application issues. We demonstrate on a Java app how logs, metrics, traces work by default, without any external libraries. The session concludes with the showcase on how to use AWS Lambda Powertools for Java to add logging, metrics, and traces to the application and run log insight queries for common use cases.

Speaker: Abhishek Gupta, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS India