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AWS silicon innovations Pushing price performance boundaries and providing more choices for compute

To run diverse workloads with the performance and costs that users expect, AWS often innovates on their behalf and delivers breakthrough innovations, even at the silicon level. These investments in our own silicon, including AWS Graviton, Inferentia, and Trainium processors have a significant positive impact to the customer experience in areas including security, time to market, performance, reliability and uptime, as well as innovation towards new and exciting use cases. In this session, we share how Amazon EC2 instances powered by these processors provide up to 40% cost savings while delivering application performance requirements, offering more cost-effective choices and deepening the compute portfolio options. Learn how these innovations in silicon extend price performance benefits to customers not only in compute instances, but also to several key managed services including Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon EMR, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon OpenSearch, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, and Amazon DocumentDB. We share what are the ideal workloads to run on AWS Graviton, Inferentia, and Trainium processors, and the associated cost and performance benefits customers are gaining from these investments in the silicon innovation.

Speaker: Bhushan Desam, Principal Specialist, Autonomous Computing, AWS
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