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Architecting for success with cloud foundations

When planning a cloud adoption strategy, the number of decisions required to make and stand up a production-ready cloud environment is significant. Decisions that are made early on can affect your organization's ability to enhance and/or scale your environment in the future. This complexity has led to many looking for prescriptive guidance to create a foundational environment. After working with thousands of customers, AWS has determined a minimum baseline that customers need to have in their environment as they mature through their cloud journey. In this session, we outline the correct cloud foundations that can support your workloads and scale as needed. Learn the guided approach you can use to effectively deploy, operate, and secure your workloads while ensuring they are ready for on-going operations in the cloud. We explain what AWS services and solutions to setup the right foundations and integrate into your overall technology environment. We also walk through examples of these capabilities and demonstrate how you can establish it in your environment to accelerate the deployment of a production-ready environment. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 », Download demo 4 », Download demo 5 »

Speaker: Siddhesh Jog, Senior Solutions Architect SMB APJ, AWS