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Intelligent document processing using generative AI on AWS

Valuable amounts of information are contained within high volumes of documents. With the right use of technologies for intelligent document processing solution, organizations are able to speed up business processes, improve decision quality, and reduce overall costs. Join this session as we walk through how you can build a document processing solution with generative AI so you can quickly access the right information from documents that are specific to your business context. We also showcase the use of generative AI which enable your stakeholders to converse with the information that is locked in your documents and generate contextual content from the data. Learn how to use Amazon Textract, Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and generative AI models to preserve the document context and use the large language models (LLMs) for efficient information retrieval. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 »

Speaker: Hariharan Suresh, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS