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Content moderation with low-code to no-code orchestration powered by traditional and generative AI

Volume of user-generated content or UGC is increasing exponentially across every platform, providing organizations with the opportunities to connect with their customers. But there are challenges in ensuring the content remains safe and compliant, and how to limit customer exposure to inappropriate UGC. In this session, we share how to create a scalable content moderation solution with AWS AI/ML services and generative AI on AWS tools. We walk through the steps to shift moderation process left and ways to mitigate issues early. Learn how you can reduce reliance on manual processes to speed up the review process, and improve the accuracy and analysis. We then explore generative AI on AWS tools to enhance content moderation by generating realistic examples of harmful content, allowing models to be trained to recognize previously unseen variations. At the end of the session, walk away with the knowledge on tools, steps and guidance to ensure your content moderation becomes more efficient, effective and provide a safer and more inclusive online environment for your users. Download slides », Download demo »

Sam Gordon, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services
Ed Fraga, Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services