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Addressing responsible AI and AWS generative AI offerings

Generative AI models that produce open-ended and unconstrained content pose additional challenges for responsible AI. They raise new issues around fairness, toxicity, intellectual property, hallucinations, and privacy. Organizations attempt to address these challenges through complex governance and oversight processes, rigorous audits, and filters on the generated content and constantly solicit user feedback but this requires a lot of effort, time, and resources. With the proliferation of unstructured data that is incorporated into new algorithms and applications using generative AI, it is imperative to establish a strategy for responsible AI that can withstand this new age. In this session, we explain how to generate innovative and useful content on a large scale and maximize the potential of generative AI while addressing the concerns around responsible AI. Download slides », Download demo »

Gaurav Singh, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS India
Smiti Guru, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS India