Episode 4 | Q&A recap, pet companions, drone challenges, and lots of fun!


In the fourth episode, he will recap what has been taught and played so far, so you get solid foundational knowledge. This will be done by exploring the drone hunting and pet companions feature of AWS Cloud Practitioner! You will have the chance to ask questions in the chat and interact with the hosts live.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner Digital Training
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Episode 3 | Compute Solutions
Episode 3 | Compute Solutions

In the third episode, Raf will show you how to construct a new school and help build the “City of Tomorrow....

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Episode 5 | Databases in Practice - DB/Storage
Episode 5 | Databases in Practice - DB/Storage

The fifth episode of the series is all about databases and storage. Follow along as Raf helps an insurance ...


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