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AWS Generative AI: Upskilling Asia Pacific learners with new free and low cost courses

Artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology of our generation, and if we are going to unlock its' full potential to support digital transformation in countries across Asia Pacific, then we need to start learning AI and generative AI skills today.  

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Other Resources:

AWS Cloud Quest: Machine Learning
AWS Cloud Quest is a role-based learning game that helps you build practical AWS skills through exercises and hands-on activities using AWS services. Within AWS Cloud Quest, choose the Machine Learning Role to explore solution building assignments that aid you with building solutions using AWS AI services.

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AWS PartnerCast - Accelerate Innovation with Generative AI on AWS - Technical
The power of Generative AI will be realized from operationalizing it and applying it to real-world problems. AWS provides the FMs, services, infrastructure, and partners will be operationalizing those FMs. Join this session to learn how you can innovate with Generative AI on AWS.

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AWS PartnerCast - GenAI Series: Amazon Bedrock Deep Dive - Technical
Learn on-demand to level-up your knowledge on the following:

1. Generative AI on AWS
2. Amazon Bedrock - Deep Dive & Demonstration
3. Designing Generative AI Applications
4. Prompt Engineering Advanced Techniques for Bedrock Models
5. Architecture Patterns

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