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Get more value from your SAP investments

Explore the benefits of migrating SAP workloads to AWS

Enterprises planning to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, or transform existing SAP infrastructures, need to evaluate how public cloud environments like AWS can help to migrate, transform, and operate both applications and the technical frameworks for SAP systems. In this whitepaper, teknowlogy Group conducted market research projects and ongoing dialogue with SAP users and partners to provide an overview of what drives companies to move their SAP applications to the public cloud, and the benefits realized, including:

  • A modern platform to deploy ERP and innovate processes
  • Higher agility and cost reduction
  • A focus on core competencies and innovation
  • Scalability and performance
  • Additional cloud services beyond the core ERP

Complete your registration now to access the insights in the whitepaper Added Business Value with SAP in the Cloud.

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