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AWS India customers can now save card information for monthly AWS billing

Today, AWS India customers can now securely save their credit or debit cards in their AWS accounts according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. Customers can use their saved cards to make payments for their AWS invoices.

Previously, customers needed to manually enter their card information in the payments console for each payment. Now they can save their cards in their accounts by providing consent, according to RBI guidelines. Customers can save their cards when they sign up for AWS, through the payment console by adding a card in payment preferences, or while making a payment for an invoice.

Getting started with saving your cards for billing
To get started, go to Payment preferences in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Choose Add Payment method to add debit or credit card payment.

Enable the Credit or debit card option and input the card details and billing address. You also need to provide consent by selecting the checkbox Save card information for faster future payments.

You will be redirected to your bank website to verify the card information. After authentication, AWS India will store the card token securely for future payments. You can also save the card information when signing up for AWS or paying an existing invoice.

To learn more, see Managing your payments in India in the AWS Billing documentation.

Now available
This feature is available now for all customers using debit and credit cards issued in India with AWS India as their seller of record. There is no impact on cards issued outside of India, and you can continue to save and use these cards as you do today.

You can choose whether to save your cards. However, we recommend that you do so because it will ensure your purchase and payment experience remains as seamless as before.

Give it a try now and send feedback through your usual AWS Support contacts.