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Rapidly modernize your Microsoft applications on AWS

More organizations are looking to move away from traditional licensing products and lean towards cloud native technologies to capitalize on the scalability, flexibility of the cloud and manage costs. In this session, we explain the benefits from modernizing Microsoft applications. Learn the tools from AWS including .NET porting assistant & AWS Microservice Extractor you can leverage upon to quickly modernize your Microsoft infrastructure. We also share how to utilize plugins to deploy Microsoft .NET serverless apps to AWS Lambda, a compute service that enables you to build applications without provisioning or managing servers. We then demonstrate the use of an open-source project - Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, where you can move from Microsoft SQL server and build on PostgreSQL with minimal code changes. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 »

Speaker: Sriwantha Attanayake, Principal Partner Solutions Architect - Microsoft, AWS