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Move and enable business insights through analytics with SAP on AWS

Cloud is transformational for our customers when they can derive new business insights from a combination of both SAP and Non-SAP data. CXOs are analyzing the benefits of SAP RISE on AWS verses native SAP on AWS as a migration approach. AWS provides an SAP-certified cloud infrastructure for running SAP workloads. SAP on AWS customers can leverage AWS analytics, artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to get near real-time insights which move the needle for their business performance. This session demonstrates the art of the possible using AWS AI/ML tools to derive new business insights by: extracting data from SAP using AWS managed services, staging that data in AWS, and then making predictions from that data using AWS ML services. Download slides »
Peter Perbellini, ERP on AWS Specialist Solutions Architecture Lead, APJ
Allison Quinn, Senior Analytics Solutions Architect, AWS