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Getting started with serverless applications

With serverless computing, you can build and run applications without the need for provisioning or managing servers. Serverless computing means that you can build web, mobile, and IoT backends, run stream processing or big data workloads, run chatbots, and more, without worrying about the infrastructure. In this session, learn how to get started with serverless computing with AWS Lambda which allow you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. We share why serverless is a great toolset for experimenting with new ideas and explain the extensibility and modularity of serverless applications which allows you to start small and quickly add features. We acquaint you with the broader portfolio of AWS services to help you build serverless applications with AWS Lambda, including Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB and more. To conclude, while building the serverless applications, we use the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM), an open-source framework to deploy our serverless application via code. Download slides »
Speaker: Gerard Alquezar Artieda, Public Sector Solutions Architect, AWS