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Generative AI-driven emerging applications using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, AWS AI services, and Large Language Models (LLMs)

There is an explosive level of interest on the use generative AI and the underlying technologies, but many are trying to figure out how to harness its potential to deliver value. Join this session as we share how to use generative AI for key use cases, build conversation-style applications for generating and analyzing content with focus on image generator, content generator, and image analyzer while keeping your responses within your organization. We then dive deep into popular use cases and architecture patterns you can apply in your projects. This session also includes a demo on how to use Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, AWS AI services, LLMs, LangChain and Streamlit framework on key use cases. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 »

Speaker: Arman Sharma, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS