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Builder tools for modern applications

AWS offers tools for builders to run your modern applications, including those looking at containers and serverless architectures. In this session, learn where to start, tools available and how you can accelerate your development process without compromising on quality. We demonstrate the use of key builder tools through a real use case demo, and walk through with step by step guide on building production-ready applications in no time. This session also showcases how to leverage AWS Copilot CLI to build, release, and operate containerized applications, and AWS SAM CLI to take your serverless applications from local code, execution and testing to pipeline-driven deployments. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 », Download demo 4 », Download demo 5 », Download demo 6 »

Chen Xin, Senior Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services
Niko Eckerskorn, Principal Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services