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AWS Step Functions - how and when to use them

AWS Step Functions is a service that enables you to coordinate your workflows so that your application development is faster and more intuitive. We share how AWS Step Functions, allows you to centrally manage a workflow by breaking it into multiple steps, adding flow logic, tracking the inputs and outputs between the steps. Learn how this low-code, visual workflow service, makes it fun for you to work with and easy to adopt. We also walk through the key features of AWS Step Functions which enable you to build distributed applications, automate processes, orchestrate microservices, as well as create data and machine learning (ML) pipelines. Understand how AWS Step Functions integrates with other AWS services, letting you call each service's API actions from your workflow. The session also covers the different pathways you can use to minimize your code and cost. Download slides »

Speaker: Katherine Vishnevskaya, Solutions Architect, AWS