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Accelerate transformation on .NET monolith applications to microservices with AI and machine learning

Moving from monolithic to microservices involves multiple manual steps, which requires domain level knowledge and significant effort to manage this transition. In this session, we outline the challenges of transitioning from monoliths to microservices and benefits of microservices. Learn about the modernization solutions for applications built on Microsoft technologies and AWS tools that support Microsoft workload migration to the cloud. We share how to utilize AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET. to facilitate extraction of microservices from monoliths. We also review how to incorporate AI and machine learning in the modernization process, by showcasing how Microservice Extractor leverages AI-powered recommendations for valuable insights to optimize the microservices architecture. Download slides », Download demo 1 », Download demo 2 », Download demo 3 »

Kush Tiwari, Senior Applications Architect, AWS Professional Services
Tuan Huynh, Cloud Architect, AWS Professional Services