Smart interview bot using deep learning

Often enterprises have difficulties shortlisting the right candidates for technical roles as it is as challenging to conduct interviews with consistency and efficiency. It takes lot of manual effort to interview a candidate and assess his/her capabilities. Given the COVID situation, it is equally challenging to find interviewer’s time to schedule and materialize the interviews. In this demo, we showcase a front-end web portal to mimic the interview experience where the candidate, presented with a tech question can provide answer verbally or submit a written answer. This demo then uses a machine learning model with serverless technology to incorporate event-driven compute service to evaluate and assess the candidate’s answers for its correctness, and revert with a score within minutes. Download slides »

AWS services: AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Amplify, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, Amazon Polly and Amazon Transcribe

Arun Balaji, Prototyping Architect, AISPL
Satheesh Kumar, Senior Solutions Architect, AISPL

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