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Accelerate Flutter mobile application development with AWS

In this session, learn to build end to end Flutter mobile application development with AWS Amplify Flutter SDK as well as create custom plugins using AWS Amplify Android/iOS SDK. We share with users the experience and features such as Analytics, in-app messaging, and offline capabilities with datastore/AppSync. We demonstrate a complete CI/CD pipeline for both iOS/Android Flutter applications. It includes stages like unit/widget testing, flutter static code analysis with SonarQube which automates build completely for both iOS on Amazon EC2 Mac with SSM and Android on code builds for containers. Uncover how to integrate testing with Appium and use AWS Device Farm for both Android/iOS devices to generate build for APK/IPA files. We also showcase how to build remote mobile application development environments based on Amazon EC2 mac and Ubuntu with NICE DCV along with physical device debugging on Amazon EC2. Download slides »
Arun Balaji, Prototyping Architect, AISPL
K V, Sureshkumar, Prototyping Architect, AISPL