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Opening Keynote: Accelerate modern applications: Unlock new business opportunities with rapid innovation (Level 100)

October 29, 2021

Digital transformation has dramatically impacted the way organizations deliver value and the rate at which they make changes to their products and services – every organization is becoming a technology company. To keep growing and winning business, organizations need to invent new digital products, create new customer experiences and adapt to the changing needs and demands of their customers. To promote a culture of innovation that makes this possible, successful organizations continually update their methods of designing, building, and administering applications. In this session we discuss the key elements to successful modern applications design and development as well as how organizations are modernizing their applications for rapid innovation.

Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, AWS
Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, ASEAN, AWS

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Closing: Innovate with speed and agility: Modernize on AWS (Level 100)
Closing: Innovate with speed and agility: Modernize on AWS (Level 100)

Time to market increasingly depends upon the speed by which you ship products and features. In this session...