Getting started with AWS Startup Programs and building your MVP on AWS (Level 100)

Begin your startup journey with AWS and get to know the benefits provided by our startup team, including the AWS Activate program, which is designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs to offer you the resources needed to get started on AWS. In this session, we introduce the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Building a MVP is something all startups do but it's an unusual process. Unlike a prototype, MVPs focus your build on the necessary features including the tools and methodologies which subsequently allows you to  get to market quickly and add features as you scale. Find out how to pick the right technologies and use pre-configured architectures to speed up your development. Get an overview on how startups use services like Amazon API Gateway, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Lightsail and database options to help launch your product.

Nicha Suebwonglee, Venture Capital Business Development Manager, AWS
Andrew Wangsanata, Startup Solutions Architect, AWS

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