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Rethink possible innovation stories

February 23, 2022

Discover the technology innovation stories which has helped capture new opportunities, grow revenue, and solve the big problems faced today and in the future. Join this session and uncover how machine learning, supercomputing, AI, and robotics are powering manufacturing in space, enabling the growth of "super dust rice" to feed the world’s growing population, helping us build the first human base camp on the moon, creating a new era of FORMULA 1 racing, and fighting climate change.

Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist for APJ, AWS
Dr. Michelle Dickinson, Nanotechnologist and Materials Engineer

Customer speaker #1: Rob Smedley, Director of Data Systems, F1
Learn how F1 used computational fluid dynamics to build a new F1 car design that enables closer, more exciting, wheel-to-wheel racing, a process that would have taken more than 470 years on a standard laptop.

Customer speaker #2: Tatiana Calderón, Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN Test Driver and Team Ambassador, F1
Hear the driver’s perspective on the new style of racing the 2022 F1 car will enable and what these changes mean for F1 drivers and fans in the future.

Customer speaker #3: Dr. Jordan Nguyen, Biomedical Engineer & Technology Futurist
Preventing age-related disease, increasing food production, and conserving wildlife remain some of the biggest challenges we face today. Learn how advances in genomics research, powered by cloud, AI, and supercomputing, help us grow “super dust rice” in desert conditions, protect the Amur tiger from extinction, and eradicate age-related disease.

Customer speaker #4: Dr. James Kuffner, Representative Director and CEO, Woven Planet Holdings
Toyota’s Woven City project is a purpose-built city of the future being built at the foot of Mount Fuji. Designed using digital twin technology, the city will weave together leading-edge mobility and communications technology with green spaces and sustainable infrastructure.

Customer speaker #5: Andrew Rush, President and COO, Redwire
Redwire uses 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to manufacture satellites, structures, and products in the unique zero-gravity environment of space. This vision is advancing space exploration and creating better products for life on Earth.

Customer speaker #6: Sally Fouts, Director of The Climate Pledge, Amazon
The Climate Pledge is a commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040, which is ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Learn how the pledge encourages companies to join Amazon in taking climate action and accelerating goals, plans, and programs to address the urgency of climate change.

Customer speaker #7: Nujoud Merancy, Chief, Exploration Mission Planning Office, NASA
Discover the technology innovation helping NASA build the first long-term basecamp on the Moon, and send astronauts to Mars.
Customer speaker #8: Glenn Gore, CEO, Affinidi
Affinidi uses Web 3.0 to power self-sovereign identity solutions, with personal data owned by the individual, creating new business models worldwide.

Speaker: Tom Soderstrom, Chief Technologist, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS
Advances in technology combined with lower costs are powering the growth of the space economy through innovative projects to protect earth from space, improve sustainability in space, and open a new era in space exploration.

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