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Innovate faster and build a smarter business with AI and ML on AWS

February 24, 2022

In 2022, organizations and businesses across all industries will have new opportunities to personalize, scale, and invent more compelling customer experiences. They can also build deeper relationships with their customers, run more efficient operations, and pivot with the latest innovations. A major enabler of these is the accessibility of AI/ML for all types of organizations. In this session, uncover how we are helping organizations to launch more quickly, lower the technical bar to get started with AI/ML, and reduce the barrier to accelerate adoption of AI/ML.

Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, APJ, AWS
Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, APJ, ASEAN, AWS


Download slides here.

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Accelerate rapid innovation with AI and ML
Accelerate rapid innovation with AI and ML

Organizations and businesses of all sizes and governments new and old had to change across all facets, and ...